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Table of Contents


 Roger Cowin                                                                                  


A Night in the Inferno

Maude Bailey

The Beautiful Ones


David S. Pointer                                                                              

 No Means No

Indiana Skin Tale

24 Hour Surveillance

Bullet Kiss

Not Quite CPR: Repeating the Cycle

 Brian Rosenberger                                                                         

 Shudder Music

Dark Harvest

The Floating City

 David Frazier                                                                                    

 Kill Her

UnSub Lust

Dead Quiet

Kill for Me

Leandro Atencio                                                                                             

Eukaroch: Lonely Town

FLASH FICTION                                                                              

 The Christmas Vulture by James S. Dorr                                     

Clowntown by Randy Rohn                                                            

My Worst Nightmare by Eric McLean                                         

Brian Rosenberger:

The Horror Film, Sweet Tooth                   

October Comes, Ghost of You

Daniel by  Alex Stephens  

Grave Digger’s Survival Guide: submitted by CJ Edwards  SHORT STORIES                                                                                                              

Rocker-Ruin (Art) by Scott Hargrave                                          

Sink Hole by Flo Stanton                                                               

Squat (Art) by John Stanton                                                           

The Hike by Brian Rosenberger                                                    

The Delightful Doctor Skidway by Murphy Edwards 62

No Angels Fall Today (Art) by Scott Hargrave                           

The Three Sistersy by R. Todd Woodstock                                 

The Shadow Man of Moonspine Bridge by Matt Cowan        

The Gypsy Girls by Lee Forsythe                                                   

Synesthete by James Ward Kirk                                               

A Day of Darkness by R. Todd Woodstock                               

The New Kid by Tony Wilson                                                    

The Old Crone and the Scarecrow by Allen Griffin                  

Unremembered by R.k.Kombrink                                                

How to be a Hoosier by Dan Dillard                                             

Keep on Driving by Andrew House                               

Star Crossed Lovers by A.B Stephens                                          

Francis Redd by Vada Katherine                                               

Because You Watched by Paula D. Ashe  

Editor Choice Award Winners: Roger Cowin for poetry & Scott Frederick Hargrave for his Art.  Thank you for your work!




An annual anthology of horror.




We are looking for short stories and flash fiction in the horror genre from Indiana writers and folks with Indiana ties or writers that set their stories in Indiana. We are looking for short stories up to 5000 words and flash fiction of no more than 1500 words. We will look at poetry submissions.

We are also looking for cover art.

We do not censor.

See the submission page for more information.

Payment will be $25, upon publication, for best short story of at least 2000 words, (an amount that qualifies for affiliate membership in the national chapter of the Horror Writers Association) $15 for three poems or $5 per poem and $25 for best flash fiction under 1500 words.  Art selected for the cover will be paid $25, and other art submissions will decorate the interior. A contributor copy will be paid in place of cash if preferred.

All rights return to the author upon publication.

Visit for general information on guidelines for submitting to publications.

Content copyright2011. James Ward Kirk Fiction. All rights reserved.

7 Responses to “INDIANA HORROR 2012”

  1. Wesley Southard Says:

    I was just wondering if you had any sort of time frame on when the anthology would be released? Also, where will it be available when released?

    • The deadline for submissions is 07/31/2011. It will definitely be available on I’m working with Wild Child Publishing for possible ebook publishing. The Indiana Horror Anthology 2011 should be available no later than Oct 1, 2011.

  2. Wesley Southard Says:

    I feel dumb for asking (I just like to have all the info I can get before submitting to anyone) but this will be a trade paperback, right? I know it says you’re offering copies instead of pay now, but I wanted to make sure it was a physical book and not a ebook copy. Thanks again!

  3. Indiana Horror Anthology 2011 will have a traditional print run. I look forward to your submission.

  4. Just want to give you a heads up, that David Boyer might try to enter this site. Please do not give this proven plagiarist any access here.

    In case you do not know who David Boyer is, he lives in Vicennes Indiana and I can offer you proof that he is a plagiarist and con artist in these links:

    and here:

    I fyou need more proof, please email me at and I thank you.

  5. I also want to add that David Boyer goes by many aliases, including David Byron, Doc Byron, Grant Dean, Sean Killian, Leland Gaines, George LaCroix, Tobey King, Leo Wolfe, Jack Sawyer, Christian Loche, Jack Burnett, Kelli Kelso and Kelli Ross, and probably more.

    You can see more about David Boyer at the Science Fiction Writers Association here:

    And also at Victoria Strauss Writers Beware:

    But remember,, for a list of aliss go here:

  6. I’m accepting submissions for Indiana Horror 2012 now so that my favorite people can get their stuff in early.

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