Go to Hell!

How often have you heard that phrase used? It’s one of the worst things to say to one of our fellow human beings with connotations of fearful, miserable and prolonged pain, either physical or psychological.

Hell, that concept of a place of eternal damnation, where pitchfork wielding devils plague our very posteriors with the flames of cleansing fire, is that real? Many of the ancient cultures on Earth seemed to think so. The Egyptians, the Greeks, the Vikings, but also the Chinese, each had their own variety of an afterlife, filled with agony and demonic creatures to dispense a kind of divine retribution for the sins we committed during our lives.

But there is another side to Hell. There is redemption. There is the chance, no matter how small, that our souls are saved through the cleansing fires and torments of that place.  But it’s not the redemption itself that inspires us. It’s hope, the thought that somehow, somewhere, a benevolent God watches over us and shows us the mercy and forgiveness that we cannot give ourselves.

So what if you achieve redemption? Is it an automatic ticket into heaven? Or do you enter the next level of torment, to be judged once again, in a never ending journey?

Established and new authors attempt to answer some of these questions in this excellent anthology. And for now I’ll skip my further contemplations and bid you:

Welcome to Hell!

Mike Jansen,

Amsterdam, 2013

Table of Contents


Timothy Frasier. 3

Tribulation  3

Condemned  4

Brian Rosenberger. 6

Hell at the Gates  6

Bleeding Mercury  7

Aftershock  8

David S. Pointer. 9

One is the Deadliest Number  9

Rituals-n-Robes  10

Certain Holy Products  11

Nathan J.D.L. Rowark. 12

Unending Battle of Self 12

Neil Leckman. 14

Where Goest Thou?  14

They Call 15

David Frazier. 16

Describe Hell 16

Hellish  17

Winner  18

Little Nippers  19

A Lost Bet 20

Matthew Wilson. 21

Fair Trade  21

The Party  23

King Cruel 24

The Letter  25

The Letter II  26

Scott Frederick Hargrave. 27

In the Ruins of the Broken Cathedral 27

Roberta Guillory. 28




The Bard of Blasphemy. 31


Patricia Anabel 33

Devil’s Queen  33

Devil’s Dance  35

Christopher Hivner. 37

Black Wings  37

Dance, Marionette, Dance  38

Among the Trees  40


Ron Koppelberger. 42

Out and In  42

Gregory A. Carter. 44

To Hell and Back  44

Brianna Stoddard. 46

Bridget Bishop  46

A. B. Stephens. 49

Da Nada Gate Apartments  49

Mary’s Letter to David  52

A. D. Moore. 53

Friends List 53

A. D. Moore. 55

Reba  55

Christopher Hivner. 56

Soliloquy  56


Ken Goldman. 59

Purgatory, Lakeside  59

David James Keaton. 68

Hell 68

A.B. & Cindy Stephens. 73

Impulse Control 73

Paula D. Ashe. 78

Because You Watched  78

James Ward Kirk. 91

The Rose Garden  91

Murphy Edwards & James Ward Kirk. 99

Me and Sister Mercy  99

R. Todd Woodstock. 105

The Message  105

Allen Griffin. 120

The Eyes of God  120

A. B. Stephens. 125

Justine  125

Thomas Malafarina. 145

Bordello of the Bizarre  145

Clint Smith. 158

What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell 158

Paul DeThroe. 179

A Cold Day in Hell 179

Chantal Noordeloos. 185

Tiffany’s Model Affair  185

A. B. Stephens. 195

The Complex  195

Marija Elektra Rodriguez. 200

The Cult of Persephone  200

Dale Hollin. 206

The Gospel of Pilate  206

Christopher Hivner. 215

Soul Rape  215

Paul DeThroe. 220

Knocking on Satan’s Door  220

Chantal Noordeloos. 237

Only Forgotten  237

Timothy Frasier. 248

Rebellious  248

Bios. 260

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