James Ward Kirk remains the owner and operator.  He also edits anthologies.

James Ward Kirk

James Ward Kirk


Mike Jansen remains as our “Jack of all trades.”


Mike has published flash fiction, short stories and longer work in various anthologies and magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium, including Cerberus, Manifesto Bravado, Wonderwaan, Ator Mondis and Babel-SF and Verschijnsel anthologies such as Ragnarok and Zwarte Zielen (Black Souls).

He lives in the Netherlands, in Hilversum, near Amsterdam. He has won awards for best new author and best author in the King Kong Award in 1991 and 1992 respectively as well as an honorable mention for a submission to the Australian Altair Magazine launch competition in 1998. In 2012 Mike won awards in the SaBi Thor story contest, the Literary Prize for the Baarn Cultural Festival and the prestigious Fantastels award for best short story.

More recent publications in various English language ezines and anthologies, among which several publications with JWKfiction.com, Encounters Magazine and others. For a full list please refer to Mike’s site: http://www.meznir.com

Mike’s debut novel, ‘The Failing God’, will be available, in English, during 2013.


William Cook is our Art Director


William Cook (1971 – ?), illustrator & author from NZ. Previously published in Canta, Zephyr, Poetry NZ(20), Southern Ocean Review, Side Stream, Indite Circle & Blackmail Press (20). Short stories published in Remark (USA) issue 34 June ’05 and Mindfire Renewed June ’05. Masters of Horror Anthology 2010, ‘Devil Inside’. ‘Blood Related’ – Novel, published by Angelic Knight Press Dec ’11.


Associate Editor Shawna Bernard joins JWKfiction


Shawna L. Bernard is a freelance writer, photographer, graphic artist, former English teacher, editor, and native of the North Shore.

Her poetry, prose, and photography has been featured in Merrimack Valley Magazine, Sex, Drugs & Horror, Barnyard Horror, local art exhibits, and on bar napkins across the country. She is currently editing the anthology Cellar Door: Words of Beauty, Tales of Terror.

Shawna’s darkest fiction and horror is written under the guise of her literary double, Sydney Leigh. Sydney’s stories have appeared in Daily Bites of Flesh 2011: 365 Days of Horrifying Flash Fiction, Dark Idol, and Sex, Drugs & Horror. Her poem “The Undertaker’s Melancholy” will appear in Villipede Publication’s October Darkness ad Infinitum anthology. Other poetry will appear later this year in Splatterpunk Saints and Serial Killers Tres Tria.

Between her love of animals, cooking, film, music, photography, and nature, she is never at a loss for a creative outlet… or inspiration. Her best friend is a Border Collie, and despite holding degrees in English, Psychology, and Graphic Design, she spends most of her free time doing her teenage son’s laundry. She also trains dogs, rehabilitates wildlife, and always keeps a bag packed for spontaneous road trips with her imaginary roommate, Ted.


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