Word Counts:

Flash Fiction: up to 1,000 words

Poetry: any length

Short fiction: up to 5,000 words (Please query first for longer work)


Multiple Submissions: Yes

Simultaneous Submissions: Preferably not, but please include the fact that it is a simultaneous submission in your email and notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.



Please use 12 pt. Georgia or Times New Roman, double spacing, no headers, footers, or page numbers. Please use Italics, not underlining.


All other formatting should follow Standard Manuscript Format guidelines found at


 Acceptable File Formats:

*.doc * *.rtf:



Artwork and high resolution photography should be submitted in the the following file format:



Artwork and photography will appear in grayscale in the paperback. Digital versions of the book will be featured in color.


Send any questions about the formatting of your manuscript or artwork to



All submissions should be attached in an email to the appropriate editor: or




Please include email address in your email submission as well as a bio and word count.


Acceptances and rejections will go out as work is reviewed.


Submissions are open until anthology is filled… so get busy!


Payment: There will be two Editor’s Choice Awards for $25 each. Each Editor’s Choice Award winner will receive a free contributor paperback copy and $25. Cash award is payable via PayPal only and will be made approximately 65 days from publication of the anthology. “Editor’s Choice Award Winner” will be posted under the author’s name where the piece is placed inside the anthology. All contributors will earn a free Kindle edition of the anthology.



First Worldwide Anthology Rights, for publication in the English language anywhere in the world and electronic publication rights. All rights return to the author upon publication of the anthology.

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