Editorial Staff Announced

JWKfiction announces new member of the Editoral Staff

March 16th, 2013

Today JWKfiction has expanded its editorial staff. Mike Jansen has been added as Lead Gopher for knicks ‘n knacks and odds ‘n ends.

In the past half year Mike has played an important role, contributing stories to several of James Ward Kirk’s anthologies, but also assisting in many of the editorial tasks, book-layout and technical stuff that modern book publishing requires.

Mike is a twenty year IT veteran, always working on the cutting edge of technology. Apart from that he ran a small press in The Netherlands called Babel Publications, which is still operational, albeit in another form. His stories in Dutch and English have been published in various magazines and anthologies.

He is also winner of several Dutch literary prizes for SciFi, Fantasy and/or Horror.

Formalizing the relationship establishes a solid foundation for JWK Fiction for the coming years.



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