Interview with Novelist and Artist William Cook Coming Soon!

02-05-08_1435i[1] Novelist William Cookzombie[1]

Artist William Cook

William Cook is a writer/illustrator from NZ. Debut novel: ‘Blood Related,’ published by Angelic Knight Press December 2011. ‘Blood Related’ re-release by Black Bed Sheet Books, Halloween 2012, sequel ‘Blood Trail’ – 2013 release.

Short fiction published in the following anthologies:

Masters of Horror Anthology, 2010 – Triskaideka Books Putrid Poetry & Sickening Sketches 2011 – Collaboration of the Dead Sketchbook of the Dead: 2012, Deaf Mute Comics Dark Light Anthology: 2012, MARLvision Publications Writings on the Wall Anthology: 2012, Seven Archons

Short Fiction published in the following Magazines/Ezines: Surreal Grotesque, issue #5 – Mutations & Mutilations, 2012

Follow me on Twitter – @williamcook666

Member of the Australian Horror Writers Association & the Horror Blogger Alliance

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